Thursday, February 27, 2014

Custom Corner:
Star Wars The Black Series
Death Trooper
By Joe Amaro

 photo DeathTrooper_A_zps585d69a7.jpg

For our second installment of Custom Corner, we are showcasing another great entry from Joe Amaro (my partner over at the Star Wars Black Series Facebook Fan Page). This Zombie Sandtrooper is based off of the "Death Troopers" novel and was made for Poe Ghostal over at Points of Articulation. For more shots of the figure and Poe's thoughts on the piece, head here: "Attack of the Death Trooper"

 photo DeathTrooper_B_zpsaa0e62b6.jpg

 photo DeathTrooper_C_zpsa0147eba.jpg

 photo DeathTrooper_D_zpsed795cd1.jpg

 photo DeathTrooper_E_zps3b4397cf.jpg

 photo DeathTrooper_F_zps16fbac94.jpg

Joe Amaro has been involved in the toy industry in some way or another for over 15 years, from making custom figures for ToyFare magazine, puppets for Robot Chicken and sculpts for various TV shows and Feature Films. He's also worked with and for most major toy companies and design studios on many major toy properties like Star Wars, Sonic, Mortal Kombat, Masters of the Universe to name a few.

Interested in seeing your Star Wars The Black Series 6" scale custom featured at this page? Shoot an e-mail over to and let's chat!

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