Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Star Wars The Black Series
Phase 1 Wave 1 Figure
#01 Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Gear)

 photo luke30_zps843afca3.jpg

Release Date: August 2013
Retail Price: $19.99
Video Spotlight:

Pictorial Review:

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 photo luke34_zps6c635ca1.jpg

 photo luke36_zpsd80e0696.jpg

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 photo luke32_zpsdf6ac2e9.jpg

 photo luke31_zps02a03734.jpg

 photo luke29_zpsb9aa44ea.jpg

 photo luke28_zps1546a810.jpg

 photo luke27_zpsfaf2cc0a.jpg

 photo luke26_zps51e3a27c.jpg

 photo luke25_zps31bdc5e0.jpg

 photo luke24_zpsc6d9bd86.jpg

 photo luke23_zps1375c32d.jpg

 photo luke18_zps344995ea.jpg

 photo luke10_zpse1339fa3.jpg

 photo luke16_zps4a9cae51.jpg

 photo luke15_zpsfd853a25.jpg

 photo luke14_zps61687f89.jpg

 photo luke12_zps3ea6bd80.jpg

 photo luke13_zps60932e83.jpg

 photo luke11_zpsb7081be1.jpg

 photo luke9_zps42458799.jpg

 photo luke19_zps696af371.jpg

 photo luke20_zpsc660f4d8.jpg

 photo luke5_zps07a10812.jpg

 photo luke8_zpsdb144573.jpg

 photo luke22_zps0dc2906c.jpg

 photo luke21_zpsaffc7819.jpg

 photo luke7_zps7f93a5c7.jpg

 photo luke17_zps0c95f229.jpg

 photo luke6_zpsbee1057c.jpg

 photo luke4_zps547cbd13.jpg

 photo luke3_zps7c7b87e0.jpg

 photo luke2_zps26181f68.jpg

 photo luke1_zpse684c14a.jpg

 photo filecardLUKEXWINGSMALL_zps4598d6f3.jpg
(Click Luke's "Galactic File" for a larger version!)

To order your own Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Gear), head here: Order Star Wars Black Series Luke Skywalker 6-Inch Action Figure from Entertainment Earth!

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